Sunday, November 14, 2010


According to the blogging experts, and there are no shortage of that self-proclaimed breed online, in order to build readership (a less egotistical word for "audience") the serious blogger must blog daily. 

What happens if the blogger has nothing entertaining to say?  Especially if that blogger is someone who, when she does have a subject for blogging, uses 300 words to say what others can convey in 20?

I find myself in that situation today.  I've got lots of drafts that need to be cleaned up and organized before they can be published (why does that sound familiar?)  So this is when the experts tell you to post a picture and a cute comment and sign off.

The only recent pictures I've taken are of inanimate objects that I want to sell on ebay, so I'll spare you the VHS movies and antique furniture (of course, if you are in the market, shoot me an email).  I also may need to give Colin a brief rest - and Colin, please send more pics - so as to put to rest the notion that I'm obsessed, when I'm only politely interested.

So I leave you today with an image that always makes me happy, even when the NCAA and FBI are snooping, and young men resort to unsportsmanlike behavior, and TV announcers sound like gossip columnists, and being undefeated is almost a curse instead of a blessing.  An image that takes me back to childhood, Southern rivalries and family allegiances.  An image that will always mean home, even though I never lived there.

 War Eagle!

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