Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am grateful for many things, but tonight I want to mention one particular group who contribute daily to my happiness and sanity: my Granger girlfriends.

They are such an amazing group of ladies, and I am not just saying that because I drank half a bottle of ChiChi's premixed Long Island Ice Tea tonight.  They are also amazing because no matter how much of the aforementioned Tea I drink, they let me talk and talk and talk and dispense advice as befits a grand dame of my advanced years.

Tonight we had a mini-gathering at Susan's house;  she managed to chase her family off on the pretense of "working" as a "nurse" on the "labor and delivery floor" tomorrow - what a scam!  She had lovely snacks and some wine; note to self: how did I come to be overserved?  She runs a very lax establishment and I don't recommend it for lightweights.  We also played bananagrams (I won) and Querkle, a delightful shape- and color-matching game for ages 5 and up, and I lost.  Stupid baby game.

Anyway, I have to spend tomorrow cooking and cleaning before Eric's mother and brother come for lunch, so tonight's get-together was a pleasant way to relax before the big day.  Some people experience much more pressure from family and holiday obligations than I do.  I keep the expectations pretty low - I just basically state my willingness to perform a minimum of traditional jobs, and that's that. If I screw up, a grand total of 5 people will know about it.  Fortunately I'm not required to please two sets of parents, siblings and siblings-in-law and their kids.  I don't know if I could stand all that pressure.

So I'm very thankful that our Thanksgiving is a small, low-key affair.  After several recent trips to the local food bank/soup kitchen/homeless shelter, I'm not much in the mood to overdo for us fortunate folk.  My family is blessed in so many ways, the list could go on and on.  That itemized list is a subject for another installment - when I get all sappy and serious.  Tonight I'm simply offering up a prayer of gratitude for my girlfriends, near and far.

Thanks for always filling my empty glass.



  1. Girlfriends are the best. That is all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. I have to say, I giggled and chortled and guffawed until my abs hurt! It was so much fun and my gratitude is so large for all the love and kindness you have given to me, I cannot adequately express it! I was laying in my bed listening to my "slightly" tipsy sisters and wishing I didn't have to "work" or "go to bed early (midnight)" I love you Michele, with all my heart!