Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calm Observations that Give Me Pause

The original title of this post (as I was mentally composing it at 2.4 mph on the treadmill yesterday) was "Stupid stuff that makes me sad."   But then I got about the business of writing it, and I realized it falls short of that description on several levels.  At least two of these thoughts don't qualify as full-out stupid.  And only a couple of them make me sad on a conscious level.  And the word "stuff" will be my prosaic downfall, if I can't shake using that useful term, at least in print.  So these thoughts, which kept me up for most of the night, can't even be termed "polite ravings," for though they are, like me, unfailingly polite, they don't even rise to the level of ravings.  Was that my worst run-on sentence so far?  Probably not.

Join me as I share some of my brain clutter:

1.  I miss the Hubble telescope.  I know they will be releasing newly-developed pictures for years to come, but that's not the same as knowing that little guy is out there, snapping those achingly beautiful shots of the universe.  I guess it will be somersaulting toward infinity forever, and that thought gives me pause.

2.  I will never be a child prodigy.  At anything.  And I will never be a child again.  Weird.

3.  I've been on 6 cruises, I've enjoyed each one of them and feel very blessed.  Nevertheless, after each cruise, I always state that it will be my last, since it's not my preferred way to spend a week.  To think that thought makes me feel spoiled.

4.  Colin Firth doesn't know I exist. 

5.  I've been such a poor source of religious education for my children, my younger daughter referred to Black Friday as the event two days before Easter.

6.  I still dream of my friend who committed suicide 16 years ago at least once per week.

7.  The people who don't know the difference between there, their and they're also do not care.  Bringing that fact to their attention changes nothing.

8.  My hipbones will never grow any closer together.

9.  The firming effects of my eyelid glue are lessened with each full-face smile or laugh, and won't last through the average evening on the town.  Money down the drain.

10.  No matter what they say, some friends and family will probably never come to visit.

11.  I have delayed in picking up a sick child from the school nurse's office because I stopped on the way for a DQ Blizzard.

12.  There is not one piece of furniture in my house on which I have not fallen asleep.

13.  I am allergic to cats, if I wasn't I would pretend to be, and there is nothing my children can do about that.

14.  I cannot direct my memory loss to specific memories.  It's impossible to completely wipe a few choice moments of embarrassment and humiliation from memory. 

15.  No matter how sleep-disturbing my thoughts, or cerebral my musings, there will always be enough housework and laundry to dumb-down my intellectual ambitions.

And needless to say, fifteen of anything is quite enough.


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