Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starting a blog is scary

In the dark ages (before the Interwebs made everything easier yet more complicated), it was possible to claim to be a frustrated writer without having to prove it.  I mean, you could always say your unfinished novel was in a drawer, or your mother threw out your spiral notebooks containing your gut-wrenching poetry, or you burned all the rejection letters from all the publishers you submitted your short stories to.  After all, who, in 1985, would expect an average mortal to have the necessary skills, talent, determination and connections to get anything published?  I was always one who started things, like novels, talked about my efforts to anyone who would listen, then got distracted (or lazy) and never finished.  So I could claim to be a frustrated writer without actually writing anything.  Prove I'm not one.

Fast-forward to 2010:  I have run out of excuses.  I love to write and want to share what I write.  Technology has made it possible for people like me, having no demonstrable talent or skill, to reach an intergalactic audience with our rantings, musings, advice, predictions and drivel.  And there's not even so much as a junior editor to stop me.  So now I have created a blog.  Will I stick with it?  Will it be interesting to anyone but me?  Will I figure out how to do anything interesting besides choose a font?  Tune in next time to find out...if there is a next time.

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